Big Bag Statios


This practical Big Bag Station for vacuum conveying is one of our latest products. It offers several advantages compared to a smaller silo. The filling funnel, pipe connections, filters and taps are already pre-installed. This means that it can be easily connected directly with the pipeline of a vacuum conveying system. In addition, LUTENA-BagStar is highly versatile in terms of its usage, is easy to transport and is also very cost-effective.

Big Bag Station

The practical benefits of LUTENA-BagStar

  • Can be used directly for vacuum conveying
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Individual configurations
  • Low costs


Freely configurable to the customer’s requirements

Besides the standard model, all conceivable modifications are possible. These include modifications relating to the size, loading capacity, safety and hygiene regulations as well as any process conditions. In each case, you receive a turnkey system that is ready for immediate use. Dusty processing rooms and other sources of contamination are a thing of the past.

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