Individual configurations

Customised production

The modular system of Lutena Vacuum conveyor allows defined configuration. This ensures that you receive a system that is perfectly tailored to your process conditions. Subsequent extensions and changes can be implemented without any problems.

Modular design of our vacuum conveyors

Our standard models can be viewed as the basic equipment for different, typical applications and transport quantities. In practice, almost all conveyor systems that we deliver are individually customised to deal with specific requirements. This means that a different number and length of module segments and filters as well as vacuum pumps in various output classes are used. The function of the circuit and control unit is also adapted to your specific process conditions.

Despite this, our conveyors remain extremely flexible. Every segment can be adapted to changing production conditions or replaced if it is damaged.

We also provide housing made from different types of stainless steel and with different surface treatment as well as different filter types and gaskets. This depends on the chemical properties of the transported material as well as safety and environmental and hygiene requirements. It also enables the transportation of toxic substances or materials that represent an explosion hazard. It simply depends on whether screws, sand, magnesium or cereal grains are being transported.

Vacuum conveyor
  1. Vacuum pump
  2. AirShock tank
  3. Filter
  4. Collection tank
  5. Bottom valve gasket
  6. Bottom valve
Stainless steel: Execution: Surfaces:
AISI) 304 standard standard, glass beaded
(AISI) 316 /-L optional optional, glass beaded or polished
(AISI) 31Ti optional optional, glass beaded or polished

Filters for vacuum conveyor systems

he filters in a vacuum conveyor separate the air from the material/air mix- ture that arrives in the conveyor. The filter stage may consist of a single filter or multiple filter elements and performs several tasks. It ensures that no particles reach the vacuum pumps, that the production facility’s ambient air is not contaminated and, in the case of powdery material, that the material loss remains as low as possible.

Depending on the purpose, we provide filters in different sizes and designs as well as with different filter materials and other special design features. The right selection depends on the conveyor’s output, the properties of the transported material and various other aspects, such as safety and environ- mental protection.


Big-Bag Stationen

The Big Bag Station for vacuum conveying

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Filter development

Staub- und Partikelfilter

Dust and particle filters of the highest standard

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Product feed


Feed adapters, Conveyor pipes and Conveyor guns

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