Application areas of vacuum conveying

Vacuum conveying is suitable for a large number of industrial production processes.

A vacuum conveyor system can be used to transport a range of different materials and products. This ranges from the finest powdery substances through to small items several centimetres in size. Our conveyor systems are used in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industry as well as in metal and plastic processing and many other sectors of industry.

Materials and Products

  • Powdery substances – lime, paint pigments, more...
  • Granular substances – grains, coffee beans, sand, more...
  • Coarse-grained substances – gravel, screws, more..
  • Small items – cucumbers, diced ham, steaks, more....


  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Food industry
  • Metal and Plastic processing
  • and many other sectors of industry


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