Vacuum conveyors

Vacuum conveyors from LUTENA VAKKUM

Greater productivity in industrial materials conveying through modern vacuum technology.

Heavy lifting and dusty working premises are now consigned to the past.

State-of-the-art vacuum technology is used to transport a wide range of materials. In principle, this involves the same technology as in a vacuum cleaner – with the difference lying only in the goods to be transported, the applications and the class rating. Increase your productivity by means of more effective materials transport.

In vacuum conveying the transport takes place inside a completely closed system. 

Vacuum conveyors

The unbeatable advantages of vacuum conveying:

  • easy installation
  • dust-free conveying
  • ease of cleaning
  • minimal maintenance
  • automatic filter cleaning
  • low noise level
  • low energy consumption
  • fully pneumatic operation and control
  • flexibles Modularsystem

The right performance range for your tasks

The design dimensions of the conveying system depend on the properties of the material to be conveyed. Use the material properties to find the appropriate solution:

  • fluidity/angle of repose
  • bulk density
  • wear/abrasion
  • particle size (distribution, shape, 2t/h density, hardness)
  • sensitivity to moisture
  • risk of explosion
  • level of danger/toxicity

Use the transport distance and the weight of the bulk material to determine the class rating. We will be glad to meet you on site to advise you on a tailormade solution.

Information video

The principle of vacuum conveying, applications and modularity.

Vacuum conveyors


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